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"Hani Skutch appeared in the final act ...The fast-talking Skutch represented a totally different age group than the under-20 comedians who preceded her. The material was markedly different as well, touching on middle-aged topics like coping with kids, weight gain and compulsive Cosco shopping. She managed to get smiles from even the young faces in the crowd ... All of my friends, and, it seems, everyone in the crowd, walked away with a smile."
Laughs for the Capital, The Jerusalem Post, Nov. 22, 2007


workshop reviews
"Hani's comedy workshop was time well spent. Besides being funny, Hani also presented a body of knowledge about humor which was helpful for those of us who weren't born naturally funny. So there is hope for us funny-challenged people out there to improve our funny-level."

Jeanette, Israel


"Hani Skutch entered the classroom and the students knew instantaneously that it would be a fun lesson…and they were right. They hadn't realized that it would also be funny. Hani led a session which could be called Comedy 101. The workshop enlightened them to the serious work which goes behind making a joke. Hani guided them through the process; from brainstorming, rough drafts, editing, polishing and then finally presenting their very own original joke. At the end of the seminar, the students felt they had discovered a talent they hadn't known they had in them."

Freida Sue, Israel


"Hani has the warm, personal delivery of someone that's been doing it her whole life. You can't help but like her and laugh, because she's laughing with you. She's a very funny lady."

Charley Warady, comedian


"I have had the good fortune to see Hani perform in Jerusalem and New York City. Her unique humor transcends culture and geography on subjects to which we can all relate. She finds humor in the situations we all find perplexing. "
Nancy Maier, New York

"Hani is drop-dead hilarious. Audiences love her new stuff, her old stuff and her in-between stuff. She brings to the stage a unique perspective that speaks to everyone."
Pinchas Levinson, comedian


"Hani is refreshing and fun, and her comedy is first class."
Deadfish, Jerusalem comedian


"Hani can make me laugh without even trying. Imagine how good she is when she tries!"
Alison Tranbarger Epstein, Rehovot, Israel