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funny business
If you've always wished you could be funnier, this workshop is for you.

Funny Business workshops help participants find the funny in everyday life, tune in to their unique funniness, and give them the skills to create comedy and incorporate it into their lives.

Workshops can be tailored to fit into a short program, such as a "lunch and learn" or breakfast meeting, and are offered in a longer format as well. While the longer program provides for more hands-on exercises, all Funny Business workshops are highly interactive.

In addition, the workshops can be customized for using comedy in the workplace, in school, or at home.

Excellent for professional development and team building, the workshops are also a lot of fun.

camp comedy
Camp Comedy is a comedy workshop/performance that gives campers/students the basics of standup comedy in a fun, engaging way and puts their new skills on display in a standup performance that evening.

The campers learn the basics of standup: joke writing, idea development, character building, delivery, timing, and using their bodies on stage. In addition, the campers will develop creative expression, practice public speaking, and gain confidence.

Throughout the day, the campers speak, write, perform, and evaluate. The day begins with a short discussion about standup comedy. Later, improvisation exercises help set a creative mood, build trust, and boost confidence in performing. Group writing exercises help the campers understand some of the ways comedians begin the joke-writing process; they also stretch the imagination and place an emphasis on verbal skills. Watching videos of professional comedians provides a common framework for discussing comedy and helps develop critical thinking. More discussions and paired and solo writing exercises round out the day. Campers will then practice their jokes in front of the group in preparation for the evening performance.

All told, this workshop runs about four hours.

In the evening, we'll put on a short comedy performance for the camp, with each camper performing what they have prepared. The program will be hosted by workshop leader Hani Skutch, a professional comedian (and mom).

Once the laughter has subsided, Camp Comedy participants will have more than great memories -- they will have the basis for further exploration into using comedy in their lives. But more important, Camp Comedy participants will have experienced performing standup comedy on stage at camp. As a former camper and counselor and a current camp parent, I understand camp's ability to foster creativity, growth, and confidence in a fun and nurturing environment. And as a comedian, I understand the benefits of exploring comedy in a warm, creative, and accepting setting. Camp and Comedy? It just doesn't get much better than that.